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At CMD PAT Testing we provide Portable Appliance Testing for businesses and ventures around the North East of England. I aim to provide a cost effective, reliable, professional and quick service to ensure businesses are able to have their equipment tested stress free and at minimum cost to themselves.

Reading through notes, and my other pages, you may ask yourself – Do I really need to PAT test my equipment. I will try and explain in my own words but further information is available at : http://www.hse.gov.uk/electricity/faq-portable-appliance-testing.htm

PAT testing is a bit like your car’s MOT. It is one of those chores you would rather do without. Like a car MOT however it does help ensure the equipment you use is safe and has been checked by an independent person. Simply looking at your car will not let you know if it is safe or not, and neither will simply looking at equipment. Then we come onto the dreaded insurance companies. Hopefully you will never need to, but if you do have to make a claim because of injury or loss, caused by a piece of electrical equipment, your insurance company will look for evidence that the equipment was correctly maintained and safe – also a legal requirement. Having your equipment PAT tested will help to show your due diligence when making a claim ie you have had the equipment checked and tested at regular intervals – it is worth checking your insurance policy as a lot of companies will not inform you of the requirement until you make a claim !

If your business allows other contractors, employees etc to plug equipment into your power supply, it is a good idea to check the equipment used has also been PAT tested – it is not uncommon for electrical equipment to cause a fire. Many fire safety certificates are issued under recommendation that all portable electrical equipment is tested.

If you run a mobile business, whereby you work in people’s homes or business premises, you may find a lot require that your equipment is tested prior to being allowed to plug it into the electric supply – this is very prevalent at the moment in hotels, schools and care homes to name a few.

As well as the actual testing I can offer a full PAT Management Service to take control of your PAT requirements, no matter the size.

Professional Reliable Service

Why aim at small businesses ?

I first took an interest in PAT testing when I needed my own equipment tested for business use. I found it quite difficult to locate a PAT tester willing to test the low volume of items I had without a high callout fee, or minimum number of tests required (which was greater than the items I had). I also realised the growing number of businesses who required PAT testing certificates before I was allowed to enter.

Having a keen interest in this area already I decided the logical solution was to train and purchase the required equipment to conduct my own PAT testing. Since doing this a number of smaller businesses have made enquiries to me to undertake their PAT testing – mainly because again they have a low volume of items.

Fully trained electricians are also very busy people and cannot often provide services ‘out of hours’. I offer my PAT services anytime that is convenient for you – even evenings and weekends.

Contact me on 07861 688 388 or Email : info@cmdpattesting.co.uk

Areas I regularly cover in the North East for PAT testing include : Chester-le-street, Birtley, Washington, Stanley, Newcastle, Sunderland, Consett as well as travelling throughout County Durham, Northumberland and Tyne & Wear.