Don’t Let Your Invoice Give You A Shock

We want to eliminate shocks not only from electrical items – but also when you receive your PAT Testing invoice !

It is very important to be realistic about the amount of items you have that need checking.

Do not forget :

  • Extension Leads
  • IEC (Kettle) leads are tested separately to the device
  • Spare equipment
  • Supplementary devices
  • Those items hidden in cupboards etc

Often we get (for example) a call to test a computer, with customers thinking it is a computer and a monitor to test but in reality, more often than not it is :

  • Computer
  • Monitor
  • IEC Lead for Computer
  • IEC Lead for Monitor
  • Extension lead
  • Powered Speakers
  • Fig 8 Lead for Printer
  • Printer

You get the idea – 2 items is actually 8 items, multiply this by a large office of workstations and you can see how often the amount of items tested can be more than expected.

We do recommend doing a little housework before we arrive to test to get rid of any items you no longer use and maybe have a quick count, so you have a rough idea.

If you do have a strict budget, do let us know, but it is up to YOU to decide what items to test and what not too (or take out of service).

PAT Test Now, Pay Later

PAT Testing is something we realise is a challenge for businesses at the moment.

In order to help where we can we are offering a TEST NOW, PAY LATER offer to any business who has been affected by the current Covid-19 restrictions.

Whilst your business is closed, it is a perfect time to have your PAT Testing undertaken and is allowed following current guidelines.

An empty office or business makes it far simpler to test.

All you have to do is book your testing, we will carry this out BUT will give you THREE MONTHS to pay your invoice – don’t worry, we will still supply your certificate as normal once testing has been completed.

If you have people working from home we can cover this too using our PAT Management Service

One little way we are trying to help.

Fill out my online form.

Do you PAT test new items ?

PAT testing new items is an ‘interesting’ topic.

Strictly speaking when you purchase a new electrical item, it SHOULD come up to British standards and be safe to use.

The definitive word here is SHOULD.

During the years we have seen many new items which have failed a PAT test. We have to say, normally it is goods purchased from a well-known internet auction site, from countries other than the UK.

The decision therefore falls down to you and whether you think an item should be tested or not. Most of the time there is no need, but as mentioned there are occasions when a new item can fail a PAT test.

What we offer is, totally free of charge, we will carry out a quick visual inspection of any new electrical items should you wish. Normally most warning signs can be spotted by a visual inspection. If it is ok, then great. If we are unsure you can then decide whether to carry out a full test. If we spot something wrong then it is time to dig out the receipt for a refund.

So in summary, we do not have the answer about whether new items need PAT testing or not, but we will try to take steps to ensure everything is safe to use for you

PAT does not have to be TESTING ….