Hairdresser PAT Testing

Do mobile Hairdressers and those with a Hair Salon need to have their equipment PAT Tested ?

By the word of the law – No you don’t


You do have a responsibility to your staff, clients and in the case of a mobile service the home or venue you are visiting.

You are obliged to ensure your equipment is safe to use. By carrying out regular PAT testing you are showing your willingness to oblige to this obligation.

If you think about it, your equipment is constantly being transported and used in various environments so careful checking of the wiring and equipment is essential for everyones safety and for the performance and longetivity of the equipment.

How would you feel if you plugged your hairdryer into a clients home and blew all their sockets ? I’m not saying PAT testing would 100% avoid such a scenario but will help prevent this and will also make any insurance claim a lot smoother. As well as this it reassures your clients, and staff, that you do take their safety seriously – and also help prevent any injury to yourself.

My prices start at only £30 for the first 20 items. Generally testing is only required once a year so for the sake of £30 is it really worth the risk ?

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PAT does NOT have to be TESTING …