Landlord PAT Testing

No matter if you are a landlord for 1 property or 100 properties which you rent out, PAT testing is a must for you ! Our Landlord PAT testing services really do provide all you need and are competitively priced.

Whilst PAT testing specifically is NOT a legal requirement for landlords, what is a legal requirement is that you MUST ensure any electrical appliances included as part of a tenancy is safe to use and maintained.

Even if an item was in good condition when you start the tenancy, periodic checks are essential throughout the agreement and you may find failure to do so can lead to prosecution or will invalidate any insurance policies.

So, although PAT testing itself is not a legal requirement it is a probably the cheapest and most reliable way to check appliances are safe.

CHEAP – our prices are only £40 for the first 20 items, then £1.50 an item thereafter. It is very rare on a rented property to have more than 20 items ! In most cases £40 will ensure a property has had its electrical appliances tested and they are safe to use.

We do also automatically send reminders out so you do not have to think about future tests and if you have a portfolio of properties our PAT Management Service is there to manage all your properties testing for you.

With full PAT reports sent for each house, flat or other property you can be assured that the electrical appliances are all safe to use and we will also report back if any are not being correctly maintained, used or looked after.

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