What do you need to do ?

What information do I need and what do I have to do on the day of my PAT testing ?

PAT testing is very simple for you and apart from booking a time, there is little you need to do, there are however a few things which make things easier and also ensure no items get missed.

A few tips are below which will help :

Before you call

  • Try and get a rough idea of how many items you have. It does not need to be exact but helps to work out roughly how long it will take as well as working out the best price for you.
  • Have your diary handy – most people when they ring decide to book then and there, so having your diary ready we can get you all booked in and job sorted.
  • Let us know of any company PPE requirements we will need – it is no problem but we do not carry everything with us. Very important especially with the current Coronavirus restrictions.
  • Any ‘difficult’ items, or those hard to reach, please let us know so we can prepare if required.

Once you are booked in there really isn’t anything for you to do

Day of Testing

  • Make sure all items are easily accessible, including removing anything out of cupboards, drawers etc that you want testing.
  • Every piece of equipment that needs testing needs to be unplugged, this includes computers so bear in mind these will need to be shut down.
  • If you have in mind a plan to minimise disruption, let us know.
  • You do not need to accompany us, but we do need a contact for any queries.

That’s it, one call to us, we can get you booked in, turn up and test, it really is that simple

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PAT does not have to be TESTING…..