Working From Home

Working from Home and PAT Testing

Out of sight out of mind is no excuse for not ensuring the equipment your staff are using is safe.

Many businesses are having to allow staff to work from home using either their own equipment or taking equipment out of the office. This does not negate your responsibilities as an employer though and PAT testing can help to ensure your staff are working in a safe environment.

Any electrical equipment staff are using at home for work purposes should be safe to use.

The question I am getting is β€˜can you test if we are working from home ?’ – the answer is simply YES

Employees may be wary of allowing someone into their house to test equipment, which I totally understand. I do have full PPE and sanitizer and can test at employees homes. If they do not want me inside their home I can always test everything in a garage, porchway or even (subject to weather conditions) outside or in the back of my van.

Quite a few companies now have staff in the office 1 day a week which would be ideal to get all the equipment testing whilst in the office.

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